Friday, December 24, 2021

When the Prince of Peace Comes, We Christians Should be the Front liners in Embracing Peace on Earth!

The biggest challenge for us Christians on Earth when celebrating the first coming of Jesus Christ as the Prince of Peace, who will come back for a second time as the King of Peace is to celebrate Peace on Earth, to promote Peace on Earth, and to become champions of Peace on Earth.

My Challenge as a Christian in this Christmas Season

The first thing I am doing right now, after realizing this truth, is that I am forgiving and praying to forget all those individuals and groups whom I have been thinking and treating as not friends, opponents, rivals and even enemies.

Well, I am Melanesian from West Papua. The first enemy in my life is of course, Indonesian peoples and their country called NKRI (Negara Kesatuan Repulik Indoneia - the Unitary Republic of Indonesia). The first conviction I have right now is to forgive those Indonesians and their country NKRI for their wrong-doings.

Some of us might think that if I forgive them, that it means I am allowing them to occupy West Papua and colonise Melanesians in West Papua. No! that is not what I am doing. The opposite is my goal: so that I obey God's commandment and then so that God will deliver my country and people from Indonesian colonial power.

What I am doing is that I am forgiving the wrongdoings they are committing against us Melanesians in West Papua. The first and primary reason is because "The Prince of Peace" has arrived today and we are celebrating all over the world. The primary reason is that the King of Peace will come soon to reign upon the universe forever and ever. And of course, I want to be part of that Kingdom. And to be part of it, I have to have His heart, to have Love and forgive others who colonise my land, terrorize and kill my people, including myself live in foreign land because of being hunted by Indonesian military and police forces.

I am convicted by Holy Spirit that forgiving those who kill many of my own blood sisters and brothers,, my clans and tribes and my country-men and women is the first obligation that I have to obey before God acts upon the struggle of His Children in West Papua.

Indonesia is Undemocratic, Militaristic and Satanic Nation-State

Not many people know that Indonesia is a colonial power in this 21-st century. Many people call Indonesia is a democratic country. It is not. It is militaristic, And more, it has so many members of Johadist and terrorist organisations being leading the country, within the ministerial portfolios. Not many people are ware that they are killing West Papuan peoples because we are Christians. Anti-Semitism and Anti-Christ sentiments are very strong among many ministers within Indonesian government. And they believe that killing those Christians will bring about big presents from God in heaven, including 7 virgins and big villas to enjoy forever in heaven.

Not many people know what many Indonesians worship idols, call upon names of many spirits that are clearly not allowed in the Bible. Many Indonesians worship animals, they use animal blood to seal their country. They sacrifice blood of snakes, chicken, cows, pigs, horses, and even human blood as sacrifices to their gods that have presented them what is called now an imagined-society namely "Indonesia". They are still paying big price, sacrificing  a lot of blood to maintain their colonial grip over many different islands in Indonesian, including Western New Guinea.

Many Christians know this is happening. Many Christians and churches know we are killed in West Papua because we are being Christians and being ethnically different from them. The Indonesian Christians choose Malay Christians more than Melanesian Christians. They do nothing about it. They say nothing about it.

Release Forgiveness to Channel Gods Response to Colonialism in West Papua

On this Christmas Day, I am releasing forgiveness, full forgiveness, total forgiveness, according to Word of God.
"Oh God, in Jesus Christ, whose birthday as the Prince of Peace I am celebrating today, I ask you to forgive those Indonesians who do not know what they are doing on your own image here in West Papua"

On this Christmas Day, I am asking God to forgive my sins, the sins of my family members, the sins of my clans and tribe, the sins of my nation.
 "Oh God Almighty, Forgive our sins!"
Oh God, I am asking you in Jesus name, to get Indonesia out from West Papua, and to allow West Papua manage her own nation-state, the Republic of West Papua, based on her Green State Vision, in order to bridge and build the path towards Jesus' second coming as the King of Peace, to rule the universe for ever and ever.


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