Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Pastor Yonggi Cho of South Korea: Faith, Vision, Dream

Main Teaching Points of this Sermon

  1. Without Faith it is entirely impossible to please God;
  2. You may life in a good life, but without faith, then you can't tap into the reservoir of God's blessings,
  3. We are believing according to the FACT, not by feeling.
    The Word of God is FACT, and the FACT never changes; your feelings changes in response to the surrounding situations. But despite the feelings, if you stand up on the FACT
  4. Your feeling is life roller-coster, up and down, up and down. Many times. So, if you approch God based on feeling, you can't touch God. But despite of the changing feelings, if you stand up on the fact, the fact will never change.
  5. When you haev faith on Bible, whatever feelings you have will not change
  6. Just the thing you need to develop is how to use your faith that is already in you. Do not hear the voice of the devil that says you do not have faith in your heart.
  7. You need to learn how to use the faith that is already in you.
  8. Hebrews 11:1, 
  9. When you pray, you have a very clear objective, very clear goal. Specify the prayer in details.
  10. We waste time and prayers by praying with emotions, not b faith. The Bible says it is going to happen according to your faith. If you pray for a husband or wife, write down details
    1. race (Asian, Coucasian, African...), 
    2. how tall
    3. body size
    4. what kind of job
    5. what kind of hobby
  11. Claim that vision
  12. Ask the Holy Spirit to give you clear vision. You must ask the Holy Spirit to have a burning desire to help you ask, and you have desire to pray.
  13. God is changing the goal for you.
  14. When you have God's goal, worthy, clear cut goals, you will never discouraged


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